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Archives for November 2017

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Why You Should Come to the Annual Meeting

Just 50 years ago, no one who was a member of a church would even conceive of skipping a business meeting. Yet in our day an age, it is quite common for people to be absent from one of the most important meeting of the year.Some people skip it, because they don't like conflict. But I think at Providence, we are most likely to skip because it is conflict free and runs so s...

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Being Thankful for You

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. I love the autumn. I love the food. I love the sports. And I love the emphasis on being thankful (especially before the materialism of Christmas sets in). My family and I take time to write down things we are grateful to God for, but too often we fail to recognize how thankful we are for the body of Christ. In her book on pray...

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When you don’t feel appreciated …

This past Sunday, both Brian and I received a bag of cards and letters from the congregation. Over the afternoon, I delighted in reading the heart felt sentiments expressed in those notes. Some made me laugh and few brought a tear to my eye. This was already on top of a few small gifts others had brought into the church. I cannot thank you enough for the kindness you expre...

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