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Providence Baptist Church Adult Teaching Ministry Team COVID-19 Protocol Transition Plan

Adult Teaching Ministry Team Protocols are in response to the Providence Baptist Church Protocols published on the Providence Baptist Church website. Adult Teaching Ministry Team will implement transition protocols for the 2nd Quarter of 2021 that begins 11 April 2021. Protocols will be re-evaluated before the start of the 3rd Quarter.

  • Mixed Class Social Distancing
    1. Two Classes will maintain social distancing throughout the Quarter
      1. 6 foot chair to chair center (Nose to Nose) spacing
        1. Couples can sit together
        2. Families can sit together
        3. Friends that associate during the week can sit together
          1. Must ask them first and they must agree
        4. Chairs should not be compressed to make room for new attendees
  • Courses
    1. 10 Commandments Class – Mike Hutchison
    2. Colossians – Brian Fourroux
  1. Three Classes will have compressed social distancing
    1. 2-3 feet chair to chair center spacing based on number of class attendees
      1. Class limits will be adjusted based on two foot spacing
    2. Courses
      1. Creation Class – Doug Walker
      2. Parenting Class – Jim Carter
      3. Baptist History II – Scott Bullock
  • Mask Protocol will be consistent with Church Building Protocols
    1. Masks are Personal Preference (Teaching Ministry Team recommendation)
    2. Members should respect each other’s choice to wear or not wear a mask