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Re-opening Sunday School this Week

Dear Church Body,

We are excited about the first phase of re-opening Sunday School. The information below will explain the procedures of how we will open the new building to begin classes. This first phase includes youth, the college and career class and adult Sunday School. Lord willing, the children’s ministries will follow at some point in the near future. They still have several processes to work through and the recruitment of a few volunteers. 

First, let me say that we know that not everyone is comfortable with coming back. There should be no guilt on your part if you feel that way. We will offer at least one alternative for adult Sunday School on-line so you can participate from home. But there are others who are ready to resume some of our normal activities. This will be the first phase in doing so. 

Please follow these steps if you plan to attend Sunday School in order to provide for the safest environment possible.

  1. Please sign up electronically for the desired class. You can do so by responding to the second email, with the course descriptions that will go out later this afternoon. We need to have you reply to that email by Thursday evening. All youth, college students and adults need to sign up if you plan on physically attending at some point during over the quarter. This will allow us to designate the space needed for each class.  If you plan on watching/listening virtually, please do not reply.
  2. Between 8:45-9:10, you will enter through the door closest to the church offices to enter the education building. There will be someone present to guide you to your class in the new building. This door will be locked at 9:10 for the flow of traffic leading into the Sanctuary preceding the worship hour. 
  3. Please go to your class and do not have conversations in the hallways. The corridors are narrow and will make it harder for people to navigate and maintain 6ft distances. Please fellowship in your classrooms or outside the building. 
  4. In your classroom, the chairs will be spaced 6ft apart. If you are form the same household, you may bring your chairs together. Once you touch a chair- that will be your chair for the remainder of the class. Please do not sit in another one. (So, choose wisely). 
  5. Once class is over, please make your way to the sanctuary to be seated for the worship hour. Again, the purpose for this is so that people may maintain 6ft distances from one another. 
  6. Please note that there will be strong possibility of people within 6ft of one another as they walk through the hallways. If a mask will make you feel more comfortable, you are encouraged to wear one. Hand sanitizer will be spaced throughout the building. Parents of youth: if you would like your child to wear a mask throughout the class hour, please instruct them to do so.
  7. Lastly, if you feel sick or our displaying symptoms of sickness, please remain at home. There is a virtual option, so please take advantage of it. 

Thank you so much for assisting us with this transition. Just following the procedures above will help your brothers and sisters feel confident that you are doing everything you can to provide for their safety. 

Every Blessing,  

The Church Staff