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Easter Sunday Lord's Supper

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are eagerly looking forward to our first unified corporate worship service in over a year. The last time we met all together for an entire service was March 15, 2020. And even though we might be separated by a simulcast in different rooms, the vast majority of us will be under one roof. While this is a small step moving forward, we long for the day when those who are still at risk to COVID-19 will be able to join us as well. As a reminder, there will be no Sunday School that morning.

On Resurrection Sunday, we will be having the Lord’s Supper. The distribution of the elements will be different from our normal procedures. Since we are unable to pass the plates, we are asking that you pick up your bread and cup before you enter the sanctuary or fellowship hall. For the time being, these will be the same ‘style’ cups that we have been using at our outdoor services where both elements are combined in one package.

Because the Lord’s Supper is only to be observed by baptized believers, the distribution will happen in the following manner.

  • Elders will be stationed visibly with the communion cups in the front of the fellowship hall, outside the front doors of the sanctuary and the office as well as in the vestibule to minimize traffic and lines.
  • Also, to minimize traffic, we are asking that heads of households be the only ones to pick up the elements for their entire family. This will also ensure that children who are not baptized, will not have access to the communion cups.
  • Please make sure someone from your household picks up their cups PRIOR to the worship hour. There will not be an opportunity to do so during the service.
  • After communion, you may dispose of the cups in the pew racks in the sanctuary or under your seat in the fellowship hall. We will have someone pick them up at the conclusion of the service.

Resurrection Sunday is one of our most well-attended services of the year. We would encourage you to arrive early to have access to a seat in the Sanctuary. The fellowship hall will not only provide spacing for those who are sensitive to COVID-19, but will also serve as overflow space for the service. If you arrive later and find that you are ushered to the fellowship hall, please be conscientious and observe the protocols in that room for the sake of your brothers and sisters.

Thank you for bearing with one another in love during this difficult season. May the Lord bless our divine appointment at 10:30 AM, April 4, 2021.