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The Move is On!

This week marks a new challenge in the life of our church. First … the good news: The portables are gone!!!! Second, the bad news, the portables are gone. That means over the next six to eight months all of our adult Sunday School classes and youth classes will be meeting in the sanctuary and all of our children’s classes will be scattered throughout the main building. Our education program is a vital ministry to Providence Baptist. We are called to make disciples, therefore our Temporary Sunday School team has created a clever plan to continue our program while the new building is under construction. But it does create challenges. But challenges are opportunities to prove the faithfulness of God. So here are four ways you can help.

#1- Be patient. There is likely to be a few hiccups as we move into the classes. The shear number of people in the rooms and sanctuary will cause us to feel cramped. But I would remind you this is only temporary. They pay off at the end is a nice shiny new building, but also that our membership did not miss out on discipleship over a six-month period.

#2- Be on time. In fact, be slightly early. Teachers need to be early to greet children in their new classroom environment. Entering late to the combined class will be disruptive. Come a little early and fellowship or also help out the teachers by setting up and greeting.

#3- If you are in the combined class in the sanctuary sit close to the front. You can move back to your ‘normal’ seat at the break. But this will help your teacher feel like it’s more of a classroom environment and not a worship service.

#4- Come with a prayerful attitude that God will do something special to you during this season. You are going to have more opportunities to encourage, to greet, to serve in the months ahead. Ask God to keep you from noticing the discomfort, but how he can grow you and your family during this time.

 Thank you, brothers and sisters, for embracing this challenge. The bad news can turn to good news rather quickly if we are obedient to his leading.


Pastor Blair