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The Blessing of Gifted Friends

We have a true blessing in our church. April Box is a gifted writer. Over the past couple of years, she has been writing a blog about everyday moments. She and her dear husband have been blessed with an incredible little boy that some would term ‘special needs’. The Box family sees him as the true gift that he is; a precious child created in the image of God. April writes about her faith, her struggles and the victories that God grants her in the small moments. When I read her blog, I am challenged, encouraged- but most of all I am led to offer praise to the God who loves us so much.

April has given me permission to introduce her blog to you. I hope you will read it and treasure what God is doing in her family. I encourage you to go back and read previous entries. It is my prayer that your hearts will be lifted to see each moment as redeeming grace.

April recently wrote an article also at