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Elder Response to the Report on Sexual Abuse in the SBC

Elder Response to the Report on Sexual Abuse in the SBC


If you are not aware, a report regarding the handling of the victims of sexual abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention was released on Sunday (it can be found here

It was done by an independent task force and is nearly 400 pages (with appendices). While I personally haven’t been able to read the entire report, its initial contents are incredibly alarming. I am deeply saddened at the way the Executive Committee of the SBC handled the cries for help from victims of abuse. It was/is horrific. Our hearts go out to those affected and their families. Our elders first became aware of the accusations against the convention back in February 2019 and we immediately put a policy in place regarding how we would respond if someone reported a case of abuse within our church (you can read that here The Lord has been incredibly gracious to us that we have never had to implement it. But we do have a mechanism of response.

At this point, our elders have put a hold on sending any funds to any of the Southern Baptist entities that we contribute towards. We only give to two (The International Mission Board and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary). But those funds are routed through the Executive Committee of the SBC. Therefore, we will be informing the Executive Committee in writing why we are ceasing our contributions and of our expectations if they are to continue. We also will want to give ourselves time to read through the report thoroughly, to pray and to see the response of the Convention before we recommit ourselves to participating with any Southern Baptist entity. Because we are in a wait-and-see mode, we are not sure when (or if) financial support will be renewed.

I want to assure you this will not in any way affect the funding of our church planters and missionaries with whom we work alongside directly. They will still receive the funds they need from us through a more direct manner if necessary.

Thank you for your patience with us. We will keep you updated on the situation as events unfold. In the meantime, feel free to express your concerns to any elder. But we do ask that you pray for the SBC. Pray for the leadership’s repentance. And pray for the victims of the abuse.


Pastor Blair with the PBC Elders