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Archives for August 2018

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A God Bigger Than Our Fears

On the heals of last weeks sermon on Proverbs 29:25, I came across this sermon by John Piper. It was preached in June, 1993. The sermon speaks of sending his son Benjamin to boot camp the previous week and the concerns that came with that on the heels of the Gulf War. 25 years later is son is safe and sound. It is an encouraging read to hear the honesty of worry and anxiet...

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Doing good to Jesus

On Sunday morning, I concluded the service by introducing three ways to help cultivate an attitude of doing good toward others. The first was to stop being self-absorbed (Phil. 2:3-4). The second was to set your mind that doing good to others will require sacrifice. It means you will have to suppress your own desires for your resources (whether it is your money, possessio...

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The Wisdom of Reading Proverbs

Donald Whitney is one of my favorite writers. His book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life revolutionized my growth as a Christian. I found this recent article to be an inspiration to reading Proverbs repeatedly. If you reading through the book has become lagging these last few weeks due to repetition, perhaps this will keep you at it.

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