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Pastor Blair’s Top Ten Books of 2022

Reviews can be found in previous blogs.

  1. Brotherton, Marcus. Blaze of Light: The Inspiring True Story of Green Beret MedicGary Beikirch, Medal of Honor Recipient. Waterbrook: 2020.
  2. Strickland, Darby. Is It Abuse? A Biblical Guide to Identifying Domestic Abuse and Helping Victims.P&R Publishing: Phillipsburg, NJ, 2020.
  3. Peter. The Ten Commandments: A Guide to the Perfect Law of Liberty. Lexham Press: Bellingham, WA, 2020.
  4. James, Sharon. Gender Ideology: What Do Christians Need to Know?Christian Focus: Fearn, 2019.
  5. Hill, Megan. Patience: Waiting with Hope- 31-Day Devotionals For Life. P&R Publishing, Phillipsburg, 2021.
  6. Smith, William P. Assurance: Resting in God’s Salvation (31-Day Devotionals for Life). P&R Publishing: Phillipsburg, NJ, 2019.
  7. VanDoodewaard, William. The Quest for the Historical Adam: Genesis, Hermeneutics, and Human Origins.Reformation Heritage Books, Grand Rapids, 2015.
  8. Ferguson, Sinclair. From the Mouth of God: Trusting, Reading and Applying the Bible. Banner of Truth Trust: Edinburgh, 2014.
  9. Raju, Deepak & Jonathan D. Holmes. Rescue Plan: Charting a Course to Restore Prisoners of Pornography. P& R Publishing: Phillipsburg, NJ, 2021
  10. McGuinn, Roger, Chris Hillman, & David Crosby. The Byrds: 1964-1967. BMG Publishing: Nashville, 2022.