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Why You Should Come to the Annual Meeting

Just 50 years ago, no one who was a member of a church would even conceive of skipping a business meeting.

Yet in our day an age, it is quite common for people to be absent from one of the most important meeting of the year. Some people skip it, because they don’t like conflict. But I think at Providence, we are most likely to skip because it is conflict free and runs so smoothly.

There will be only one matter of business to vote on- the annual budget (unless someone brings a motion from the floor).  Reviewing the budget is important. You, as a person in whom the Holy Spirit’s is present are affirming the vision of the church. At the annual meeting, you will also hear what Providence has done in 2017. It has been an amazing year. We need to celebrate it. But you will also learn what is coming up in 2018. It too promises to be a great year. We will even announce a few surprise and give you reasons to be proud of your church.

I hope you will make every effort to come next Wednesday.  Child care will be provided.