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National Day of Prayer- May 7, 2020

The National Day of Prayer has been held annually ever since 1952 (you can read about its history here It is a day that calls upon citizens to pray for the United States. It is based upon the biblical mandate that we should pray for our government leaders and for the well-being of the land in which we live. (see 1 Timothy 2:1-2; 1 Peter 2:17; Jeremiah 29:7 and 2 Chronicles 7:14). I cannot think of a year where this is needed more than 2020. We not only have the health and economic issues regarding the pandemic, but we also have another national set of elections that have the potential to divide our nation once again. Our country needs our prayers more than ever. And I encourage you to take time on Thursday to pray for our fellow citizens, our first responders and healthcare workers, our educators, our local and national leaders.

All space is sacred. God can hear you anywhere. There is no need to go to a specific location to pray (such as a courthouse or flag pole). In fact, we may need to examine our motives as to why we pray in such places based upon Matthew 6:5. But also know that sometimes praying in a different location can intensify our focus while we pray. If you are going to choose a location to pray, might I suggest the church parking lot around lunch time?

 If you should come, let me request that you observe all social distancing protocols (In fact, it might be best if you stay your vehicles). You may not have concerns, but others do so please observe the rules out of love. Please also avoid coming into contact with the construction workers. This is not a time to tour the new building. For safety reasons, the church building must remain CLOSED and LOCKED (You might want to make sure you ‘go’ before leaving the house). But bring your lunch and wave to your neighbor from your car. But do not disturb your brothers and sisters who are quietly praying.

May God Bless America!