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Archives for May 2018

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Global Hymn Sing 2018


Back on February 25, Providence participated in a global hymn sing. We joined over five thousand churches from seventy-six different countries in singing the hymn, Jesus Shall Reign. Our purpose was to join our hearts together in public proclamation of this great doctrinal truth. We are not ashamed to stand before the world and affirm that our Jesus shall reign wherever th...

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Working with our friends in Maine and Why it Matters

The first week of July we have a team of seven men headed to Christ Fellowship in Portland, ME to do some church renovation. I visited our good friends, Scott and Julie Terry there last November who planted the church. Portland is beautiful, but it is also located where it is exposed to harsh elements such as sea air and frigid temperatures. The good people of Christ Fello...

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Service Trip to Portland, Maine

As was announced this pastSundayduring our mission interview, we have a group of our men that will be traveling to Portland, Maine this July to serve with one of the churches that we partner with at Christ Fellowship of Maine. They are in need of some much-needed renovations to their facility. The entire outside of the building needs to be painted, windows replaced, and si...

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“SEEDS PLANTED…” Results from our Spring Retreat - Digital Detox Needed!

This past weekend we tackled an issue that many of us facesocial media addiction. Some of the national statistics and scientific research: 210 Million Americans suffer from internet social media addictions. Research tells us thatthe average Americancan't leave his or hercell phone alone formore than 6.5minutes checkingthem up to a 150times every day. Scientists ...

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Eight ways to deal with your entertainment addiction (escaping from escapism)

Sunday morning, after our sermon on laziness, someone caught me at the door. He said, 'Blair, what you just preached is me. I really struggle with being distracted by ______________ that keeps me from resting, working well and enjoying God. You pegged me. But what do I do about it?' While Solomon offers his wisdom and counsel on this matter beginning in chapter 10. I reali...

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