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Supper and then Supper!

This Sunday we have fallenness opportunity to live out the New Testament. On this day, we get to have the Lord’s Supper and a fellowship meal together. This is somewhat of a rarity in our contemporary era.

From 1 Corinthians 11, it seemed to be the practice that when the church gathered, they celebrated the Lord’s Supper and had a meal together. In Paul’s mind, this seemed to be a good thing. It demonstrated the unity of the body and the love they were to have for one another. But then things got out of hand when some of the wealthier members excluded the poorer and some were using the occasion to get drunk! Paul indicates by doing these things, they were not only dishonoring themselves but also the nature of the Lord’s Supper which was to signify their oneness in Christ.

I assure you there will not be a risk of anyone getting drunk at our Chili Cook-Off. And everyone is invited to the gathering, rich & poor, young & old, member & guests. We want you there to see how well the body at Providence loves one another and enjoys each other’s company. 

To that end, let me say a word about both events on Sunday. First, the fellowship begins at 3:30 at the Kelly’s house. We need to start a little early as Day Light Savings starts Sunday. Bring your lawn chairs, games and desserts to share. If you want to compete for the ‘Golden Ladle’, your chili must be ready to go at 4:00 PM for the judging. We will have plenty of tables and outlets for crockpots. Dinner will begin immediately following the judging (Probably around 4:30). The winners will be announced later in the evening.

To prepare for the Lord’s Supper. Remember, that you are participating in a sacred act that unites you with your brothers and sisters in Christ. All participants of the Supper have recognized their fallenness and received the grace of Christ that comes through faith. In his book, Understanding the Lord’s Supper, Bobby Jamieson offers the following counsel of how to receive the bread and cup. First, he says to look to the cross. Remember the sacrifice of Jesus as he bore the wrath of God on your behalf. Second, look around. See your brothers and sisters and realize it is by grace you are all included in the new covenant. Third, look ahead. 1 Corinthians 11:26 tells us ‘For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.’ Communion is also a promise of the Lord’s return to claim his bride the church. And finally, look inside. Apply the grace and forgiveness of the cross to your battles with sin. Be spiritually fed as you have assurance your sins have been paid in full.

I look forward to celebrating both dinners with you this Sunday.