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Supporting the Boarding House

Providence Baptist Church supports a boarding house in Southeast Asia. Children from surrounding islands come to the city that we are working in to receive an education. The local church in this city pays for 100% of the children’s expenses. We have created this adoption process to take the financial burden off the church and create pen-pal relationships with the students. As I mentioned last Sunday, we still have seven children that need to be adopted at the boarding house. Here is how the process works.

  1. Choose one of the student adoption cards from pastor Blair.
  2. Pray about what level of financial obligation you can sponsor the student. Currently, the expenses are $550 per student annually for the church in Southeast Asia. We are asking for any amount that can help offset those expenses- even $20 helps the church immensely.
  3. Begin praying for the child on the card.
  4. When the notification goes out, write a brief letter to the child and we will ensure that it is translated and sent to the student. (This happens 3-4 times a year).
  5. Contribute to the boarding house fund. We send whatever has accumulated every three months.
  6. The next time a PBC team goes on the mission trip, they will return with a letter from your child and a new picture.

It is that simple. So far, many of our families have enjoyed the relationships they have developed with their sponsored child. If you have any questions, please see Pastor Blair.

Thank you to Sandra ‘Mumzee’ Lewis and Ella Waddell for translating and creating the sponsorship cards!