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Having God Speak to You On a Regular Basis

In the sermon this past week, we spoke about how God speaks to you through his word. Regular Bible reading shapes our conscience and creates avenues in our thoughts in which the Holy Spirit prompts us toward sanctification. But in order for this to happen, we must be diligent to take in the word.

Eric Geiger offers this helpful (and encouraging) article about how to begin a daily time in the word. He cites a research article that the more time people read the Bible, the more they actually desire to engage with God’s word. They develop a healthy hunger to be in it often and make it a priority. But it must start with the first step of actually putting forth the effort. Geiger’s article is helpful here. I know that News Year’s is right around the corner. So maybe you might put some of his ideas into practice as you begin the regular discipline of reading God’s word.

May your passion for Christ increase each day,

Pastor Blair