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Is He worthy?


Last year I had the privilege of attending the Sing! Conference. At one point, Andrew Peterson came to the stage to sing his song ‘Is He Worthy?’ from his album, Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1. If you are unfamiliar with the song, it is a confession of call and response from the congregation. The song begins with an admission that we live in a broken world and we are completely helpless to do anything about it. Then it moves to confessing the goodness of God and declaring faith he is able to deliver us and uphold us in our weakness. The song builds to the point of Revelation 5, where Jesus comes to accept the scroll from the Father. Then Andrew sings, ‘Is he worthy?’ And the way it is sung creates this heightened anticipation of wonder in the passage till we get to the amazing resolve. You can tell that Peterson is emotional having this beautiful compliment of voices singing with him (perhaps the first time as a choral arrangement). You can witness it here.

As I was preparing this last week’s sermon as Jesus is King and this weeks sermon that Jesus is Redeemer, this song was a blessing to me. I pray it will bless you as well. I thank God for his indescribable gift and for the gift of music by which to praise Him with.