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Archives for March 2018

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Verse by verse

I preach through the Bible expositionaly; which simply means I expound upon each verse as it comes in the text. Some of the topics I preach upon are a pleasure to address. Others can be awkward and difficult within a public setting. The upcoming verses in Proverbs 5 through 8 will be a challenge to some. Throughout these chapters, Solomon addresses the subject of marriage ...

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Preparing your heart for Resurrection Sunday

We have been hearing a lot about 'the heart' in our study of Proverbs. So, I want to address your heart concerning the events of the coming week. Lord willing, on Sunday morning, we will celebrate another Resurrection Sunday together as a church family. Now, we know that every Sunday should celebrate the risen Christ. But there is something special about celebrating the re...

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Serving the Lord through Monika Carroll

This is just a reminder that throughout this month, we are collecting money for Monika Carroll's trip to Ecuador. Monika has made eight previous trips to this beautiful country. And if you know Monika through her work at CEF, she is passionate about getting the gospel to children. Recently, she has branched out in working with children in very remote villages through min...

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Discipleship Projects or People?

This past Sunday, I preached a sermon on the topic of discipleship. Proverbs 4:10 and 13 taught us that those who are newer to the faith should remain in posture to receive wisdom from those more experienced in their faith. Likewise, we saw from Proverbs 4:11 that mature believers should be involved individually with a less mature believer in nurturing their growth throu...

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