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Top 10 Books Read By Pastor Blair in 2016

Best Books I read in 2016

1. Naselli, Andrew & J.D. Crowley, Conscience

2. Eswine, Zach, The Imperfect Pastor

3. Perkins, John M. Let Justice Roll Down

4. Moo, Douglas. Romans

5. Tripp, Paul David. Awe

6. David, Dale Ralph. Study Commentary on Micah

7. Vos, Howard. Ezra Nehemiah and Esther Bible Study Commentary

8. Stiles, J. Mack. Evangelism

9. Chantry, Walter- Praises for the King of Kings

10. Wilson, Andrew and Rachel. Life We Never Expected

Honorable Mention: White- Sexual Sanity for Men, Mounce- Biblical Greek Compact Guide