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Letters to the Pacific Rim

In a few weeks our team will be heading out to the Pacific Rim. Letters to the students at the boarding house are due to the Church office by July 22. I have been asked, ’What do I say?’ There is no right or wrong answer to this question. But let me offer a few suggestions.

  1. Avoid politics or anything related to religious controversy where Christians are in the minority.
  2. Share your favorite Bible verse and explain why it is so special to you.
  3. Write out the words of your favorite hymn and explain what resonates the most with you.
  4. Write encouraging words that will motivate the student to complete their studies and live for the glory of God.
  5. Send a picture of your family. Provide the names of each family member and ask them to pray as you pray for them.

But most of all, just tell them that someone in the kingdom loves them and is praying for them. That will be a huge encouragement.