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Youth Mission Trip to Kentucky

Recently our youth group took a mission trip to Henderson, KY from June 17-22. We had a great time there spreading the Gospel and being the hands and feet of Jesus! When we got to World Changers, we split up into different teams that would be working all throughout the community of Henderson to help with different construction and house projects for residents in need. While we didn’t know exactly what each site would look like, the students were ready to go and serve the Lord however they could! We had groups that were building decks, painting, doing yard work, and everyone was able to go into the community to share the Gospel!

Every day the students would get up and get to the sites at 7:30am, even though half of them were still asleep, to get working on their projects. Even though it was an incredibly hot and humid week our students would not stop working and wanted to get after it! From building decks to sharing the Gospel our students embraced the call of God in their lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who do not believe. I was able to hear about several conversations that the students had, with each other and people in the community, on their sites. One of the stories that I heard was about the way in which some of the students were able to share the Gospel and pray over people who are struggling through some hard situations in life. During the projects there were also devotionals that were led each day by students, and I am proud to say that some of our students were the ones leading those devotionals! Jon Cherry and Sam Koziczkowski led some of our students and others in these devotionals and did a fantastic job! It was a truly amazing week getting to see the students embrace their identity as Christians and then live it out in a place where they are outside of their comfort zone.

Throughout the week we also got to have some church group teaching time where we got to talk about all that God was doing in each person’s life and at the sites around Henderson. Through that time, we were able to rejoice in God for what He is doing and thank Him that He would use us to be a small part of that mission! The teaching and church group times sparked a lot of good conversations from which we are already seeing the way that God is using them to produce much fruit.

From pressure washing and napping on the job to sharing the Gospel and having deep conversations we can see the way that God is working in the lives of these students, and I ask that you would pray for continued fruit from the trip!

Soli Deo Gloria!

— Joel Blevins, Student Minister


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