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Working with our friends in Maine and Why it Matters

The first week of July we have a team of seven men headed to Christ Fellowship in Portland, ME to do some church renovation. I visited our good friends, Scott and Julie Terry there last November who planted the church. Portland is beautiful, but it is also located where it is exposed to harsh elements such as sea air and frigid temperatures. The good people of Christ Fellowship were blessed to acquire a meeting house just a few years ago. But it is time for some updates to the building. And they have asked us to help.

Consider these facts. Christ Fellowship started in 2012 through The New England Training and Sending Center for Church Planting and Revitalization (NETS). Maine is considered the least religious state. Over 72% claim no affiliation with a religion and there is only 1 church for every 4,580 people compared to Alabama which has 1 church for every 717 people. Only 4% of those living in Maine attend an evangelical church compared to 42% of those living in Alabama. Christ fellowship is one of two Evangelical churches in the Greater Portland area with a population of just over 500,000 people.

This church is thriving and is beginning to see fruit from their labors to share the gospel. They believe in the same doctrines and principles as we do at Providence. Christ Fellowship is a small church of 50 adult members. Much of the congregation is young. These are young parents who work full time and care for their children fulltime. And being small they even have limited funds to carry out such repairs. The congregation has recently called a part time worker to assist in leading worship and conducting the ministry.

Again, their funds are limited. This repair work is something we can do. Not only can we supply the labor, but I believe we can supply the material. To date, we have collected $1500 in love offerings for this trip. The gentlemen going on the trip are all paying for their own expenses. Surely, we can collect the remaining $2,000 to see that all of the materials are covered as well, so that this church can focus their resources on sharing the gospel. This Sunday will be the last time we will collect for this ministry. Will you consider giving a gift to help our brothers and Sisters in Maine?