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Serving the Lord through Monika Carroll


This is just a reminder that throughout this month, we are collecting money for Monika Carroll’s trip to Ecuador. Monika has made eight previous trips to this beautiful country. And if you know Monika through her work at CEF, she is passionate about getting the gospel to children. Recently, she has branched out in working with children in very remote villages through ministry of Gary and Dena Pate. The Pates are independent missionaries who desire to reach the children of Ecuador through the gospel. (If you would like to know more about the Pate’s ministry you can find it here

Monika and Ben continue to give sacrificially of their time and resources to share the gospel with those who most need to hear. Let’s assist her, as much as we are able, by removing as much of the financial obstacles that we can. Let’s be diligent pray for her up coming trip.* If you would like to make an electronic contribution to Monika, you can do so by making a donation here-

 *Due to the sensitive nature of travel plans that do not need to be shared publicly, more details are available through the church office by request.