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Service Trip to Portland, Maine

As was announced this past Sunday during our mission interview, we have a group of our men that will be traveling to Portland, Maine this July to serve with one of the churches that we partner with at Christ Fellowship of Maine. They are in need of some much-needed renovations to their facility. The entire outside of the building needs to be painted, windows replaced, and sidewalks repaired.


Christ Fellowship started back in 2012, as a church plant through an organization called NETS, The New England Training and Sending Center for Church Planting and Revitalization. Their church is a growing congregation and that is significant knowing that Maine is considered the least religious state. Over 72% claim no affiliation with a religion and there is only 1 church for every 4,580 people compared to Alabama which has 1 church for every 717 people. Only 4% of those living in Maine attend an evangelical church compared to 42% of those living in Alabama. The task to start and sustain a church in the part of the country is challenging, but the Lord is blessing. 


They are currently preparing to bring an associate pastor that will also serve as their worship leader. This is a much-needed position for them and will be a tremendous support to the work of the ministry. With that addition cost to their budget the needed repairs on their facility was a matter of prayer for them. As we have been supporting them through our prayers and financial support through our mission budget, Pastor Scott Terry reached out to us and let us know of the need. And in God’s providence we have a few of our men that have the skill set and heart to be an answer to their prayers. 


We are raising funds this month to support this effort and provide the needed supplies for this project. If you would like to help checks can be written to the church with: ‘Maine Service Project’ on the memo line. Thank you for your support.