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New Sunday School Classes are set to begin in October!

Below are the classes that will be offered in the fourth quarter of this year. Begin praying about where the Lord would have you for the remaining three months of 2017. 


Spiritual Gifts 101

Teacher:  Mike Hutchison

Textbook: The Bible

            The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 12:1, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be uninformed.”(ESV)  Later in the chapter, the Apostle describes how God has uniquely gifted each of His children to fulfill specific functions within His Body to enable His church to fulfill its mission.  He further says that if any member of the Body does not function as God has designed and equipped him or her, then the ministry of the church is hampered and it will not be the healthy, vibrant church that God intends it to be.  In this course, we will examine what the Bible says about spiritual gifts: what they are and are not, how they are given to you, and why they are critical to the effective ministry of the church. 


Introduction to Hymnology 101

Teacher:  Glen Harper

Textbook:  Bible with study guidance using Sing with Understanding by Harry Eskew and Hugh T. McElrath

            Poetry and music are two of the most sublime gifts given by the Creator to mankind. When they are combined together in the form of a hymn, they give the body of Christ the opportunity of expressing the deepest longings, thanksgivings, and praise to God. During this Sunday School quarter, we will embark on a study of the Christian hymn. The study will consist of three parts:

  1. The Hymn in Perspective – hymns as poetry, music, Biblical truth, and theology
  2. The Hymn in History and Culture – a chronological/historical survey
  • The Hymn in Practice – the practical uses of the hymn in the mission of the church.


Bible 220 – Proverbs (Women’s Class)

Teacher:  Sue Carter

Textbook: The Bible

            This course, for women only, is a broad brush stroke through the wisdom book of Proverbs. It is designed to motivate women to seek the wisdom of God as opposed to the wisdom of this world for help with the problems they face. Further, it is designed to encourage women to increase their skill in applying the principles of wisdom to life’s circumstances. It is also my hope that the class will cause your love to grow toward God and toward your neighbor.


 Bible 227 – Daniel (College and Singles Class)

Teachers:  Doug and Stephanie Thomas

Textbook:  Bible

            This class is for college age students and singles.  This is the third quarter of a study of the Book of Daniel.  This quarter will focus on the prophecies contained in Daniel.  A greater understanding and application of God’s word is the focus of the teaching with the aim to provide the armor of God to students as the encounter various world views on campuses and work environments today.