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‘Adopting a child’ at the Boarding House

This past Sunday you were introduced to our partnership with the Christian boarding house in the Pacific Rim. The church we work with in this area have established a home for children so that they can live in this city in order to receive an education. Some of these children have been discarded by their families. Most live in remote areas of other islands where there is no access to education in their native villages. All of these children are raised in the Christian faith in the hope that the Lord will return them to their homes to be a gospel witness to their families and communities.

The cost to house one student is $550 a year. Currently, there are 40 children living at the boarding house. This small church is covering all the expenses for these boys and girls (Food, housing, medical, uniforms for school, etc...). Some of the kids would like to pursue higher education or vocational school (such as the police academy). We are encouraging our families to ‘adopt’ the expenses of these students at the boarding house, so that the church can free up necessary funds to send those students who are eligible on to higher education.

We would like to ask you to prayerfully consider ‘adopting’ one of these children. First, we would like to ask for contributions to offset their expenses. We will accept any amount from $1.00 to the full amount. Any gift will help with the overall goal. You can give it in one lump sum or spread it into multiple payments throughout the year. Mark your contribution as ‘Boarding House’. Second, we would like you to write a handwritten letter to your student encouraging him or her in their studies and to stand in their faith. These letters will be carried by our team when they leave in July. They will be bringing letters from your ‘adopted’ child back to you upon their return.

It is our hope that all 40 of these students will be ‘adopted’ by Providence. Your small gift will be a blessing to the boarding house over all.